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A Fun 3D Printer Project

Lerdge-iX KIT is designed for those who like building and modding 3D printers. It can bring you a wonderful technological DIY trip. Following us step by step to mod Lerdge-iX, you can become a 3D printing master.

High Precision & Fast Speed

High-precision with +/- 0.1mm, fast speed with 200mm/s.

Resume from Power Failure

The printer will save the printing progress if meets an unexpected power failure and can continue printing after the power is restored.

PEI Flexible Sheet

Equipped with the most popular PEI on the market, which makes the printing of the first layer more perfect and makes it very easy to remove the model.

32bit Lerdge Board

Lerdge has 7 years of experience in the 3D printer control solution. Lerdge board is able to perform all the settings through the display, it is very easy to use.

TMC2226 Driver

The original German TMC2226 driver chip brings a smooth and quiet experience when the printer is running.

Z-axis Fine Adjustment

When printing the first layer, the distance between the nozzle and the platform can be adjusted in real time to improve the quality of the first layer.

One-Click Refueling

You can load or exit the filament with one click on the touch screen.

Automatic Shut-down

The printer can automatically cool the hot end and turn it off after the printing is finished.

Open Source Hardware

The Lerdge website provides structural parts design drawings, specifications, and BOM.

More Functions

We have equipped Lerdge-iX with almost all practical functions on the market, including automatic leveling (needs leveling sensor), model preview window, colorful screen, network connectivity, temperature protection, filament runout sensor, etc. It supports TF card, U disk, and USB serial port.

The Version of Lerdge-iX:

This is the latest version V3.0 of Lerdge-iX.  It optimizes the assembly structure, and at the same time carries out a compatibility design for linear rail upgrades.

1. Lerdge-KIT versions are shipped in separate parts, including all mechanical, electronic, and printed parts, you need to assemble them yourself.
If you want a pre-assembled one, you can choose the Lerdge-iX RTP version.

2. The required assembly tools are not included in the  KIT version.  You need these tools:  1.5 Allen screwdriver, 2.0 Allen screwdriver, 3.0 Allen screwdriver, 2mm slotted screwdriver, Ph1 Phillips screwdriver, 7mm open wrench, 8mm open wrench.


General Brand: Lerdge
Type: 3D Printer
Model: iX Kit V3.0 Version
Color: Green
Specification Printing Technology: FDM
Structure: XYZ Structure
Print Area: 180x180x180mm
Firmware: Lerdge Z firmware
Work Voltage: 100-240V
Maximum Power: 240W
Communication: USB Serial port
Filament Diameter: 1.75mm
Display: 3.5 Inch IPS Touch Screen
Applicable Filament: PLA and other low-temperature consumables, please replace the nozzle high-temperature module for high-temperature consumables
Running Speed: 10-200mm/s
Positioning Accuracy: 0.01mm
Printing Accuracy: 0.1mm
Min Layer Thickness: 0.05mm
Nozzle Diameter: 0.4mm
Max Tem of PrintHead: 240 Celsius (Replacing the module can reach 280 Celsius)
Max Tem of HotBed: 100 Celsius
Executable File: G, .gcd, .gcode
Output File: Gcode
Support Slicer: PrusaSlicer, Cura, Repetier-Host, Simplify3D, Slic3r, etc.
System Language: English, Chinese, other Languages
Weight & Size Product Weight: 5.2kg
Package Weight: 6kg
Product Size(L x W x H): 35.3x40x32.5cm
Package Size(L x W x H): 40x30x18cm
Package Contents 1 x 3D Printer Kit
1 x User Manual