Creality Ender – PLA Pro (PLA+) MIX 3 kg!


Aukštos kokybės Creality filamentas PLA Pro (arba PLA+) už labai gerą kainą! Parduodama 3 ričių, po 1 kg., komplektais, skirtingų spalvų. Siunčiama iš Lenkijos, tad pristatymas – nemokamas ir labai greitas (2-7 d.). Lietuvoje daugiau niekur nerasite PLA+ už tokią (15€ / 1 kg.) kainą!




Creality Ender Series PLA+ filament main features

Creality Ender Series PLA+ filaments for 3D printing are made from biodegradable materials, environment friendly with a wire diameter tolerance of up to 0.3 mm, plus stronger toughness compared to average PLA filaments in the market, ensuring smoother feeding during 3D printing. Cost-effective, the Creality Ender PLA+ Filaments can be compatible with all FDM Printers, allowing the users to create artwork in just a few simple steps.

  • Stronger Toughness without Breakage
  • High stability brings higher print quality
  • Neat Winding with Smooth Printing
  • Flow Printing without Clogging
  • Unlimited 3D Models and Play with 3D Printing Cloud Communities

Premium Material and Smooth Printing

The 1.75mm diameter of the material line and the EPC automatic line arrangement ensure that the output line is smooth, not tangled, and not blocked, and the printing is smoother. High-purity and impurity-free raw materials have good fluidity, which improves the printing success rate.

Higher Toughness

Ender-PLA+ filament has strengthened the wire toughness. The filament can be repeatedly bent and not easily broken, and the model is firm and not easily damaged, which is suitable for more printing scenarios, such as educational toys, machine parts, etc.

3D Printing Cloud Community

Equipped with INS, FB, and Creality cloud, the 3D printing cloud community is wonderful, and there is also a Creality shared model library, 100,000+ cool models can be found in one search

Supports Most FDM 3D Printers

Ender-PLA+ filament is compatible with the Ender series, CR series, and complete machine series. It is also compatible with mainstream FDM printers on the market.

Creality Ender Series PLA+ Filament 1.75mm - OrangeCreality Ender Series PLA+ Filament 1.75mm - OrangeCreality Ender Series PLA+ Filament 1.75mm - OrangeCreality Ender Series PLA+ Filament 1.75mm - OrangeCreality Ender Series PLA+ Filament 1.75mm - Orange


General Brand: Creality
Type: PLA+ Filament
Model: Ender-PLA+
Color: Orange, White, Black
Specification Filament Diameter(mm): 1.75
Temperature: 190 – 230 Celsius
Filaments Net Weight: 1kg
Tensile Strength: 34MPA
Hot Bed Temperature: -60 degrees Celsius without heating
Printing Speed: 40-100mm/s
Bending Strength: 77MPa
Weight & Size Product Weight: 1kg/unit
Package Weight: 1.29kg/unit
Package Size(L x W x H): 21x21x7.5cm/unit
Package Contents 3 x Creality Ender-PLA+ 3D Printing Filament
1 x User Manual