SUNLU S2 Filament Dryer Box with Fan



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Why choose FilaDryer S2?

The Sunlu FilaDryer S2 has a stylish round design with enough space to fit 1 kg spools of filament. It even includes rollers on the bottom and a hole allowing you to run filament straight out of the dryer. There is a large touchscreen display on the side jam-packed with info, including the set temperature, current temperature, running time, material, and humidity level inside of the FilaDryer S2.

The temperature range of the Sunlu FilaDryer S2 is 35-70 degrees Celsius with a heating element on the top and bottom to heat your spools evenly. It is compatible with 99% of 3D printing filaments on the market, including PLA, PLA+, PETG, ABS, Nylon, and more.

Printing 3D models is a frustratingly fun hobby as there are variables to consider and lots of settings to tweak in order to get the best results. The last thing you want to do is throw in another variable, like wet filament if you can avoid it. The Sunlu FilaDryer S2 is a simple and affordable way to eliminate hours of troubleshooting your printer when looking for an issue that isn’t there. If you live in a humid area, then this could be a lifesaver, and also save you a lot of money on wasted filament. If you are one of those who like to pick up rolls on sale but don’t use them immediately, then you’re looking at a lot of wasted filament unless you dry it out.

Up to 70℃

What SUNLU S2 different from others is that it heats up to 70℃, which makes it ideal for special filaments like PA/PC. 360-degree heating makes heating twice as fast as most dryer boxes on the market.

Improving Your 3D Prints Quality

Wet 3D printing filament will cause stringing, clogging, poor adhesion, and Layer Shift. SUNLU S2 3D Filament Dryer Enclosure can dry while printing to improve your 3D model, reducing the impact of the objective environment on the printing of 3D filaments.

Personalized Temperature Setting

The user can adjust the temperature of the drying box according to different 3D filament types, ambient temperature, humidity, and other factors. Adjustable temperature range 35℃~70℃. Commonly used 3D filament on the market under normal circumstances only needs 3-6 hours of trying to achieve a good printing experience and printing effect.

Wide Compatibility

There are 2 points that make this dryer box wide compatible: 1. The maximum capacity of the SUNLU S2 dry box is Φ210*85(H)mm. 2. Works perfectly with all standard filament diameters 1.75mm/2.85mm.

SUNLU S2 Filament Dryer Box,Compatible with 1.75mm, 2.85mm Filament Maximum Capacity φ210 x 85 mm

SUNLU Filadryer S2 makes your filament alive again

Get moisture out of filaments. It can help you get better printing results. Enjoy the fun of 3D printing!

SUNLU S2 Filament Dryer Box,Compatible with 1.75mm, 2.85mm Filament Maximum Capacity φ210 x 85 mm

Big Touch Screen

SUNLU Filadryer S2 has a 4.6-inch LCD touchscreen. You can easily see all settings like Heating Temp, Time, dryer Filament Type, and LED Light. All settings just need one click.

360° Circular Heating

360° circular heating way can fully dry moisture filaments and improve printing effects greatly.

Moisture is not a problem at all

SUNLU Filadryer S2 is designed to help you solve printing problems like Clogging, Layer shift, Stringing, and adhesion.

SUNLU S2 Filament Dryer Box,Compatible with 1.75mm, 2.85mm Filament Maximum Capacity φ210 x 85 mmSUNLU S2 Filament Dryer Box,Compatible with 1.75mm, 2.85mm Filament Maximum Capacity φ210 x 85 mm


General Brand: SUNLU
Type: FilaDryer
Model: S2
Specification Maximum capacity: φ210*85mm
Working environment:
A) Environment temperature: 20°C~35°C
B) Relative humidity: ≤90%
Temperature setting range: 35°C~70°C
Power adapter specification:
A) Input specification: AC 100V~240V, 50/60Hz
B) Output specification: DC:24V±1.2, 2A
Standby Power: 0.05W
Maximum working current: 1.9A
Maximum working power: 48W
LCD display screen: 6.4-inch LCD display
Suitable for filament diameters: 1.75mm/2.85mm
Suggested Drying Temperature  

PLA, PLA+, WOOD, PETG : 45-50℃


PA, PC: 60-70℃

Weight & Size Product Weight: 1190g(Including power adapter)
Package Weight:
Product Size(L x W x H): 265 X274 X 118 mm
Package Size(L x W x H):
Package Contents 1 x SUNLU S2 Dryer Box of 3D Printer Filament
1 x User Manual