Creality 3D Digital Spool Rack Accurate Weighing



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Product Description

Product Name: 3D Digital Spool Holder-S (Single)

Colour: Black

Capacity: 2kg

Accuracy: +59

Charging voltage: 5V

Product size: 52*52*122mm


Product Features


Accurate weighing Estimate filament remaining weight

Weighable spool rack, brings a new experience. Accurately weighing and showing the remaining filament weight, and you can compare it with the needed weight of filament estimated by slicing software, so as to determine whether the remaining filament is enough for model printing, and avoid insufficient filament causing unable to print the complete model.


-Built-in bearingSmoother feeding

The spool rack has built-in bearings to reduce the feeding resistance of the extruder, making the feeding smoother and reducing roller wear.


-Large-diameter roller design reduces shaking

The large-diameter roller design fits better with the filament spool, reducing the large shaking of the filament and helping the printer run smoothly.


-High-brightness digital tube display, intuitive and cool

It uses a high-brightness digital tube display to display the weight, and the overall appearance is simple and elegant, intuitive and cool, and the filament weight is easy to read.


-Simple operation Easy installation

One-button touch operation, concise interface, simple operation logic. Easy installation and wide adaptability.


-Strong performanceLong lasting power

Built-in rechargeable battery, long-term energy storage, stable performance, standby for 3-6 months with one charge.


-Small and portable Convenient scale

The 3D Digital Spool Rack specially designed for 3D printers, endows the filament spool rack with anelectronic scale function to know the remaining filament weight at any time. It’s small and portable and doesn’t take up space.









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3D Digital Spool Rack-S

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